About Us

Our Mission

Ecorun India seeks to increase awareness about environment and ecology by conducting runs.

Operational Objectives

We seek to carry out the mission through the following operational objectives.
(a) Conduct awareness campaigns on ways to reduce the adverse impact of harmful substances on the local and global ecologies
(b) Improve sensibility about responsible use and sustainable management of natural resources including land, air, water, soil, trees, plants and animals
(c) Help the diffusion of scientific knowledge on ecologically amenable and environmentally safe waste management techniques
(d) Organize long-distance runs, walks and other means to carry out the above

Our Vision

To be an example, in all we do, of the motto “desire the welfare of others” in the widest sense that includes all creation. Not to seek to be rated the top or the first or the second or such but steadily and continuously engaged in the activities fostering the mission and to be a fair player that does not fail to look out also for the welfare of all including other non-profit organizations working to protect the environment.

Why Runs?

In many countries it is popular to hold long-distance runs and walks to raise awareness of and funds for various causes, especially those related to health such as cancer, environment and the like. An organized outdoor long-distance running event combines the elements of fun, discipline, tenacity, endurance, and health. Public interest in the event is high due to curiosity, appreciation, and, to some, the opportunity to pit oneself against peers. These positive aspects make a canvas on which a picture drawn of concern and caution about an issue that is counter to health can stand out. Since clean air is needed for healthy running, environmental issues make a good fit. Thus ecology and environment make good subjects.

Unique to Ecorun India is a January 1 event known as Bhaaryaasametham. It is a beach run where husbands race with their wives on the shoulders. The first race was conducted at Shankhummukham beach in Trivandrum in 2011. The event has not been held since but the plans are to make it the brand event of the organization in future years.

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