Flood Relief Ecorun 2018

Flood Relief Ecorun

Read about the run in the just-published book Against Din and Danger.


EcoRun India rests on the simple motto of ‘Desire the Welfare of Others.’ In a planet plagued by atrocities to Mother Nature and man’s careless lifestyle where green is  a mere color or a beaten word, and nature’s bounties are becoming tales of a past  generation, we are aroused by a passion of preservation of what remains of the environment and ecology, local and global. We rally together to walk and run to give our children a beautiful planet. Will you join us just by having a second thought in everything you do – how will what I do affect the environment?

The Holy Land is everywhere” – Black Elk

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  1. You are doing amazing work! It’s very admirable that you are going out of your way to help benefit the environment. I applaud you, sir!

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